Our mission is to promote the production of dance as a form of art by bringing cultural and artistic awareness to the communities through cultural, educational and charitable activities, to function as a dance company, providing a ground for the creation of new dance works by the Founding Artistic Director, to develop future dancers and expansion of audiences, through dance concerts, classes and workshops, to be an active agent in the discussion of dance as a form of art, its philosophy, history, aesthetics and furtherance of the Founding Artistic Director’s artistic vision.


Augusto Soledade Brazzdance is a leading contemporary dance company in Miami. Our role is to seek innovative projects that create fresh content and outlook on global life, considering various cultures and becoming a vessel for relevant contemporary dance repertory. We function as a kind of ‘Griot’, story-teller, of choreographic ideas. A ‘Griot’ that brings ancient knowledge to the present while revering the past, and aspiring after a future that is filled with rich cultural and artistic context.

Augusto Soledade Brazzdance’s dancers are professional artists with a wide and well-rounded training background; their training ranges from classical and contemporary ballet to modern and contemporary dance as well as African diasporic dances. Our dancers come from various backgrounds including Caribbean, Brazilian, and North America. Artistic Director Augusto Soledade feels that the diverse make up of the company is an essential element in the definition and expansion of his claimed Afro-Fusion style, and will further enhance the notion that his works move from culturally rooted to universally scoped.


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